Certificates of Achievement News

As one of the aims of the Guild is to raise the standard of knitting and crochet in New South Wales, we are creating a series of Certificates for both knitting and crochet. The first of these is Knitting Level 1: Foundational Skills, and it will be followed by Knitting Level 1: Finishing techniques. These are designed to encourage knitters to learn the foundations of good knitting and finishing techniques and to expand their basic skills. When you have mastered these techniques you will have the foundations to tackle the more difficult and engaging techniques that will be covered in Knitting Levels 2 and 3. Knowledge of these techniques will form the base for interesting and satisfying knitted projects and garments.


Please note - The new address to post achievement certificate samples is

Knitters Guild NSW Inc.
PO Box 460
Epping, NSW 2121


Knitting Level 1 - Foundational Skills

The revised new certificate has just been released.



Certificate 1 Information